About the exposition in Gallery “Hoy en el Arte”. August-Septembrer 1995
By Rafael Squirru

Graciela Ieger, vital and endurable work.
Graciela leger deals with a common theme from three different focuses. It is about the streets and corners of the city. When I say focus I mean she employs technique, light colors, oleo, in some cases she keeps the shapes of the drawings and last but not least oleo, treated as such, in the most pure sense of the word. I think materials are important because they constitute the beginning of all plastic expression. In her three modalities, Graciela accomplishes strictly all conditions of the office and even though the watcher might have his own quality preferences, the choice shall depend on the sensibility of each one. In my case, the election shall depend of the sensibility of each, I like pure oleo and light colors and find no reasons to hide it. But when I speak about the world of Graciela those uncomfortable distinctions are over. I speak now about the artist, plain she expresses in every and all instances. The landscapes are simple and lonely, severe in their composition. Only this severity is cleaned by a poetic and soft view. The reason for that is quite simple. Graciela loves what she paints and it is the intensity of her love what allows her to act like a miracle-worker and transform the dead paint in something living and lasting.
Her classic sensibility defines her as a painter with a defined way that found herself and from her own language will keep and shall maintain to offer to the very high level of her production.