Buenos Aires, September 1999
By Rafael Squirru

In the VYP room in the Annex on Arroyo Street took place the exibition of the painter Graciela Ieger". It is about acrilic paintings that capture the urban landscape from different and unusual points of view. She is also inspired in figures of people walking front or back.
The paintings of Graciela have the greatest power of synthesis; she does not leave aside a drawing of rare probity (for the present time) and has a color variety that shows a self confident palette.
I consider that Graciela is part of that bunch of selected spirits belonging to a generation aimed at revolution the actual fashion, by using fully and old office that is still rare.  To achive these fullfillemts it is not only nesessary the talent of a young creator, but also a character that enable her to overcome al obstacles between her and her picture.