"La Nación" Newspaper. Buenos Aires, July 2001
By Rafael Squirru

Thinking of Hopper

From the solid academic formation (good shapes in drawings leads to the probity of art) Graciela Ieger gives expression to images of the urban landscape, mainly in downtown. Her paintings follows the nobel tradition of Edward Hopper some of them remind me of that lonely character chased by his shadow, seen from uopwards. It is about a kind of art that demands more participation, not from the capricious excersises, but from the ones that require contemplation. To apeal to the optic nerve of the watcher and its neurological branches in such a way that he cannot be excluded from that participative act, the thinking capacity together with his sensibility. Leonardo Da Vinci said  "L'arte è cosa mentale", the art is a mental thing.
It is not necessary that the watcher carries out the task of the artist. They are asked to concentrate, to contemplate with undivided attention if you really intend. to enter into such a world as proponed by this artist. Ieger uses a palette with firmness in color accompanying the shape, with not many poetic licenses. She does not fanatasy; she imagines, that is to say, projects images that makes us see more clearly the reality we believed to know already. Now we realize that it was not so simple and that from the vision proposed is it much larger the reach of our conciousness.