Buenos Aires, June 2002
By Fermín Fèvre, Exhibition Guardian

The man and his shadow (Urban Situations) 

The paintings shown in this exhibition by Graciela Ieger refer to diferent urban situations, mostly escnified with man and his shadow. In many of them we identify many places of the city of Buenos Aires, but the artist sets us in a universal situation of men and the scenario of a great city. There is plenty of literature about the human solitude in the urban panorama.

This time, one of the most frequent and characteristic situations of men is in which he is alone with himself in the intense living experience of being alone.  According to Carl Jung, men cannot be separated form his shadow. He goes along with it the entire life. The dark side shows the human duality. The shadow projects in oneself and in other people.

Graciela Ieger deals with urban contemponaneous situarions in a plastic manner. In her view there is intuition as well as a meditative attitude, both close to the metafisic experience. That is why the lights are so important, together with the chromatic treatment for her palette. The reference to the great painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967) becomes inevitable. He has been an inspiring source for the artist, without voiding her own theme and picture seek.