Magazine Buenos Aires, july 2002
By Patricio Lóizaga

Her work is similar to Antonio López García and sometimes to Richard Estes, the Argentinian painter Gaciela Ieger (with “I”) was a surprise with the exelence of her Works shown in a Gallery in Recoleta under the guardianship of the teoric and Art critic Fermin Fevre. They are images from the city of Buenos Aires with a realist treatment and that reminds us of Edward Hopper. According to Fevres opinion in the catalogue: "The paintings shown by Graciela Ieger in this colection refer to diferent urban situations, mostly in scenes with the people and their shadows. In many of them we can  identify some places of Buenos Aires, but the artist sets us in a universal situation of men and the scenario of a great city. There is plenty of literature about the human solitude in the urban panorama. It is maybe one of the most frequent and characteristic situations of men are in which he is alone with himself in the intense living experience of being alone.