Elsa Sábato
December 25th, 2009

Graciela Ieger, with almost photographic images, this talented artist in activity represents places with their own identity, such as the financial centre or the historical area of the city, spotted by its inhabitants by marks that tourists and visitors will eventually learn to decode. Sights that remain almost intact through time, which frequently contain amazing buildings, as heritage of brighter times of the Argentine history and architecture.
The painter’s point of view to represent them is the absence, the silence, the emptiness.
She chooses the beginning or the end of the day, when these urban landscapes are pedestrian-free, when the lights strike on the architecture, and we can delight ourselves. Later these places will be invaded by people walking, tracing out different routes that join and cross, giving movement and complexity to this area which used to be deserted.
Individual and collective stories will weave in these calm and deserted streets, an intriguing collection of lived lives, dreams to come true. The artist picks the space as a meeting point, but before the meeting. Everything is ready to be seen and your look will match up with Graciela Ieger’s look to revalue each element, each detail.
Her pure technique fools us, showing us almost a photograph. However, her mark is present in every brushstroke, tidy, refined, synthetic, but full of feelings and expression. Its colour is vibrant, with strong lights and contrasting shadows.