On the exhibition at the Centro Cultural Borges/2010
by Pelusa Borthwick, Curator

A work of art comes to life in the interaction between the viewer and the artist's creation. Each image contains various realities and each receiver reacts from the depths of his own subjectivity.

Graciela Ieger presents us with emotional records of Buenos Aires. She keeps coming back to our city, her work gaining an increasing depth and fondness every time.

The urban element from different visual standpoints. Each spectator with his or her individuality and historical moment. Art as communication and interpersonal dialogue between he who creates and he who receives the creation.

How many  faces of Buenos Aires do these encounters produce? Which Buenos Aires does each of us choose to see?

Thank you, Graciela Ieger, for granting us such wealth.

English  translation  by  Eloisa Squirru    (elosquirru@venus.it)