Sofía Arden Quin  “…We are overcome by the intimate, strange beauty emanating from each mysterious brush stroke….”

Osvaldo Mastromauro “...Every time Ieger outlines and paints a picture, she writes a poem…”

Rafael Squirru "...She does not phantasize, she imagines; that is, she projects images which make us see clearly the reality we thought we knew so well. We then realize it was not as easy as we thought it was; the vision proposed, in fact, expands the radius encompassed by our consciousness..."

Fermín Fèvre “... Ieger treats urban situations of contemporary life from a plastic viewpoint. In her focus we can feel intuitions and a meditative attitude that come close to a metaphysical experience..."

Raúl Santana “...The artist adopts a standpoint which makes the familiar acquire the power of strangeness..."

Alfredo Cernadas “...Undoubtedly a master of light and shade, Ieger plays with cold architectural constructions turning them almost into fairy castles and fortresses..."

Elsa Sábato  “...That is what makes the gaze of an artist like Graciela so necessary: she evaluates each  element, each detail, in an atmosphere of such subtlety as to make the viewer feel an intruder..."

Alberto Giúdici "...One could think, then, that the recognizable world is actually an inner landscape, a mirage, a door which opens onto the unexplored spaces of our mind..."

Pelusa Borthwick “…Graciela Ieger presents us with emotional records of Buenos Aires. She keeps coming back to our city, her work gaining an increasing depth and fondness every time..." 

Ana Aldaburu “…She reminds us of  the skill of a sixteenth century Flemish painter who comes out of her beloved indoors and faces a fascinating and troubling world she feels urged to portray..."

Silvia Ons “…Graciela's paintings challenge us to see what we never do.  Her art possesses a dimension of the fantastic in which the familiar becomes strange..."

Video del Evento “Conversando con los artistas” / Junio de 2015
Miguel Angel Nanni - Director en Nannimación
"Tiempo y Eternidad " Animación realizada en base a la obra "Adagio "de Graciela ieger
Silvia Ons
Text read at the event "Conversations with artists" June 2015
María Paula Zacharías
Artistas enamorados. Diferentes maneras de compartir vida y obra. Nota publicada en Diario La Nación / 2015
Ana Aldaburu
Prologue to the exhibition "Hoy en el Arte"/ Buenos Aires, May 2013
Leo Renson
Video realizado en la Muestra de "Hoy en el Arte "/Mayo de 2013
Hernán Firpo
Nota publicada en el Diario Clarín / 2013
Alfredo Cernadas
“Buenos Aires Herald” Newspaper/2013
María Paula Zacharías
Nota publicada en Diario La Nación / 2013
Alberto Giúdici
Prologue to the exhibition “BUENOS AIRES X Ieger” in “Centro Cultural Borges” / 2010
Pelusa Borthwick- Curator
About the exhibition at "Centro Cultural Borges" / 2010
Nota publicada en “Tiempo Argentino” / 2010
Alfredo Cernadas
“Buenos Aires Herald” Newspaper / 2010
Elsa Sábato
About the work / December 2009
Sofía Arden Quin
Prologue of the exhibition at the Museo Jauretche del Banco Provincia, 2008
Premio “ Concurso Salón Belleza intervenida” Sobre los artistas premiados / Buenos Aires 2008
María Paula Zacarías
Nota publicada en "Diario La Nación" / 2007
Osvaldo Mastromauro
Prólogo a Muestra individual en la “Galería de la Recoleta” / 2007
Alfredo Cernadas
“Buenos Aires Herald” Newspaper / 2007
Premio Paloma Alonso
Nota publicada en el “Diario El Día” de La Plata
Rafael Squirru
"La Nación" Newspaper / 2004
Fermín Fèvre, Curator
Prologue to the exhibition in" Galería de la Recoleta" Buenos Aires / 2002
Rafael Squirru
" La Nación"Newspaper / 2002
Patricio Lóizaga
“Culture” Magazine Buenos Aires, july 2002
Alfredo Cernadas
“Buenos Aires Herald”Newspaper /2002
Rafael Squirru
Conferencia sobre el arte de Graciela ieger en el CARI
Rafael Squirru
" La Nación" Newspaper / Buenos Aires, July 2001
Raúl Santana
Prologue to the exhibition at the” Urzomarzo” Gallery Buenos Aires / June 2001
Rafael Squirru
" Arte al Día"Newspaper / 1999
Albino Dieguez Videla
“La Prensa “Newspaper. Buenos Aires / 1999
Rafael Squirru
Prologue to the exhibition in"Galería Hoy en el Arte". / 1995
Nota publicada en la revista “FORMATO/CONSTRUCCIÓN ARQUITECTURA Y DISEÑO” / 1996
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